About Bull Finance

introduction to our ecosystem

At Bull Finance, we combine our expertise of digital marketing for blockchain industry with our in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrency to launch your brand into the spotlight.

Competition in the ICO industry is aggressive and relentless. Unfortunately, digital marketing for blockchain companies is all but forgotten with the focus shifting on developing real-world solutions and staying ahead of the pack.

Almost 50% of ICOs fail due to lack of promotion and marketing and raise independent investors funds to your project is hard.

our free community services

At Bull Finance, we provide all the support you need for your project with specialized platforms, marketing solutions, seo improvement and project advise.

Here you can find a set of free services that can push your project higher without any cost. Our ico, vote and airdrop listing are free and you can share your project anywhere with the embed code.

You can create your own community on our forum and advertise on our news, markets and forum for free, with images, articles, vĂ­deos.

about our token use

Our token BULLC feed all our ecosystem and is the only thing you will need to use our platforms for free. We dont ask you anything else.

The token will be also used in our dex, mint and lock projects in the near future.


To use our services is to be one holder of our token, follow our social networks and forum as a registered member and add our logo to your website partners section.