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How can i purchase crypto?

For now we only support wallet to wallets transfer In the future we support paypal and credit card.

How can I accept bitcoin payments on my website?

With our payment gateway you’re able to see improved cashflow by decreasing the time it takes for you to get paid. Existing solutions lock funds for 3-5 days, but with app you’re able to receive your funds in a matter of minutes. You’re only bound by the sending fees.

What currencies does Bull Finance support?

We support BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and DASH. In our next update we support BSC tokens.

Where are my incoming payments stored?

Our wallets are stored in a external service provider.

How many transactions can I process?

No limit!

Do you accept payments from/to exchanges?


Can Bull Finance be used to accept payments for an ICO?

Yes, you only need to copy and share your wallet.

How do I unsubscribe from Bull Finance notification emails?

Yes, in your personal area.

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