• Welcome to Bull Finance ecosystem

Bull Finance is an ecosystem made up of several platforms and our token BULLC is transversal to all these platforms as it allows the purchase of premium services.  Here you can find all information you need about our token.

Bull Finance  was not listed for fundraising by team decision. We think it would be more appropriate to show work done and then raise funds. Bull Finance will do a fundraising in Q4 2021 to increase our liquidity pool. The remaining tokens will be burned after that. Our liquidity pool token´s will be burn for investors safety and the trx added to our twitter account and telegram.

Name: Bull Finance

Ticker: BULLC
Contract: 0x9305cc565a090105645262f8011647a63463187e

Decimals: 8

Holders: https://bscscan.com/token/0x9305cc565a090105645262f8011647a63463187e#balances