At Bull Finance, we provide all the support you need for your project with specialized platforms, Marketing Solutions, SEO improvement and Project Advise. Here you can find a set of free services that can push your project higher without any cost. Our ico, vote and airdrop listing are free and you can share your project anywhere with the embed code. You can create your own community on our forum and advertise on our news, markets and forum for free, with images, articles, vídeos.

We also offer premium paid services for projects that are listed on our platform like: Email newsletter, featured ICO, featured AirDrop, article write, image slider, image banner, video banner, featured token.


0.1 BNB for article write
0.2 BNB for image & video banner
0.5 BNB for image slider, featured ico & airdrop
1.0 BNB for newsletter
1.0 BNB for SEO improvement

Note: All BNB raised from payed advertise is used to promote our platform on google and social media.