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Bull Finance

Our platform is user friendly and simple to use. Create an account takes only one minute and after that you only need to setup your A2F Two factor authentication for your security.

Start sending or receiving  money to your friends or if you are a merchant you can setup your website or online store to start receiving payments.

Your money will be safe on external wallets and you can withdraw your money any time.

Soon we add more cryptocurrencies to our system. Stay tunned on our website and twitter for more news.

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Crypto eCosystem

Send money to family and friends in an instant. In our ecosystem you have 8 cryptocurrencies available and If you use our token you have 0 fees.
Transfers between accounts in our platform are fees free. Soon will be available app´s for IOS and Android, but you can start using today because our ecosystem is responsive.
In our associated partners you can pay for your products online. We already develop addon´s for prestashop, opencart and woocommerce.
Our platform allow you to setup Bull Finance as payment gateway with some few lines of code. To know more info check or wiki.
If you have an eCommerce platform like Prestashop, OpenCart or Woocommerce you can use our addon´s to setup your payment gateway.
We support BULLC, BTC, ETH, DASH and LTC. You can add your token to our ecosystem. Contact us to get for more details about these subject.

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a Few Minutes with our Platform

Create Account

Provide your payout wallet address and callback URL to WallApp API.

Ask for Payment

Show customer the wallet address as well as the payment amount.

Wait for Payment

Confirmation on blockchain may take a minute or two. Wait it.

Get Payment Notification

Callbacks are sent to the URL you specified. You can process order.

Get Your Paid

Payment is sent to the payout wallet immediately. Take money.

Enjoy Our App

Confirmation on blockchain may take a minute or two. Wait for it.
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Personal or Business

Ask for money sharing your wallet or email

Zero Fees

With our token you pay ZERO fees

Privacy & Security

For Customer and Merchant. We don´t share any data.
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Are you looking for business payment gateway! We are ready to get insight  business needs.

Soon, stay tunned!